Wednesday, October 29, 2014


In french it is courage, in spanish we can say valor. Both are beautiful words. Terms we learn since we are children and we experience the feeling if we are determined.

Courage is said to build character. We express courage in different ways.
Facing obstacles
Standing up to what we believe
When we want to do something new in our lives
When we feel we are about to loose faith and we decide to do something about it.

Life is hard, love seems to be away at times. If we look closely, we will see Love. And when we take care of ourselves, and love ourselves enough and use the courage we've got inside, we can go out there and battle any fears and any injustice.

Do you know your fears? What is making you anxious? Got 'em?  Good.

Now why don't we work on conquering them? Choose any Disney character, any super hero, any brave character from any book you've read. We are them and much more.