Thursday, October 30, 2014

I am free

This post is not a happy one. Perhaps of no interest to most. Ichose to write about it because it touched my heart. This afternoon I read an article about the hostages in the houses of torture of Sinai back a while ago. I believe these don't exist any longer although this is still a land of no man and conflicts are still going on.
After reading, I had to stop and take a long pause and give thanks for living in a free country. There are a lot of things happening all over the world. Many things I don't agree with and I want to change but the essential thing is having freedom of will. And these torture houses were hell on earth. No freedom and no mercy.
I am so grateful that I have never experienced anything like this. The level of horror that people, many times young people went through, taken hostage, raped,burned,electrocuted, was pure hell.
My thoughts are with the survivors and the families of the ones that never made it alive. This forever will carry with them like tattoos in their hearts.

Here is the article form The Economist: Sinai