Monday, October 27, 2014

London for one

Oh London! How long has it been since I last been with you? Yes, been with you. You exist like this to me.
You know I fell in love with you the first time I visited? I just don't want New York or Paris to get jealous. Let's just keep it between us two.

In a few days I will be in this lovely city which never seems to stop enchanting me.
This time I'm staying for 5 days and I am only planning half of the trip. Why? Because every time I am over there, new plans are made, new places are discovered and all the coffee and cakes seem to make it easier to wanna come back. Let's not even start with all the Museums and sites!

Taking a break from Paris and speaking french are also rather comforting. One thing I appreciate of London is how anyone will call you sweetheart and say sorry when they bump to you. In Paris, well this is rare. And the British Accent... yes I do enjoy that too!

See you in a few days! Perhaps take a new selfie in a Pub that can replace my 2011 headshot. Those headbands just don't work for me.