Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Coffee for one in London

I'm back from what I consider was a rich and proper trip in London. Such an interesting city and every time I go, I bring back with me unforgettable moments.
 This time around, I attended two ballet classes, I went to a play at the Shakespeare Globe and understood half of it, attended a college lecture, drank crazy Halloween drinks, visited several expositions and museums, learned more about Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes, watched the cute little kids in their school uniforms walk along the sidewalks (I used to wear those uniforms when I was a child), enjoyed great food, ate scones and carrot cake, saw old friends, met new people and blended in the crowds.
 A trip for one in London which at rare moments did honestly feel lonely at times, of course, but I'm not afraid to go on a trip alone. Not now, not ever. The best part of it is that if I get lost no one complains. I'm a lucky girl. Grateful nonetheless.
From hot creamy lattes and beautiful patrimonies, I already miss being part of all the scene London exudes. Strolling up and down the streets and boulevards full of people and gazing at so many monuments I hope they'll stay forever in my memory. London is a place where you can get lost and feel secure at the same time. Yes, safe with all those security cameras in every corner of town but poetically as well in such a culturally rich, nostalgic and warm place.

What do we obtain from traveling alone? Hopefully the time we needed to connect within ourselves. Perhaps moments of contemplation and perspective. And I believe the best part is that to travel alone is to allow yourself to live in the moment. Savour the air, be it in the coffee shop or out in the rainy pavement, even that one gallery in the museum which you'd wish you'd experienced with a friend. Next time you are back you will look back on that moment. The moment was there for you, we must allow ourselves to take it like it is and give thanks.

Here are some of the links to some places I visited:

If you are up for a ballet workout :
Central School of ballet

Interested in some culture? : 
Museum of London
VA Museum
Shakespeare globe
Natural History Museum

Chez Bob
Modern Pantry Restaurant
Monmouth Coffee