Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Italia ultima pausa

Italy is the country I keep going back to although I know there are so many others I like. It has my heart.
This time I visited during the slowest of the month of the year. Rainy and calm November. I felt like the only tourist there.
It is not my intention to make posts just of photos, although they very entertaining. I admit I'm a so-so photographer and also forget to take pictures in my travels because time is usually spent taking the moments in or talking to people.I may have to work on capturing instants on film. Still here are some shots.

What a way to get away! Again. Italy may be the last country I visit this year. The 8th country for 2014. It has been a fantastic year for personal travels. I am very fortunate.

What was it all about this time around?

Museums and Promenades
Opera in Verona and wondering around its streets (my favorite this trip)
The views of Lake Garda
Romeo, Juliette and Shakespeare again!
The Medieval Cathedrals and buildings
The Arenas and Palazzos
Discovering old towers in Bologna
The food, the coffee, the wonderful people, their accents...

You may choose the country when you visit for the first time, yet when you return it is because the country chose you. Cosi inizia la storia d'amore.

I don't know when I will return to this wonderful country. All I know is that Italy is beautiful, it is generous and their people are warm. TI AMO.