Friday, November 7, 2014

Liberation lesson from Mr. Alan Watts

Metaphysics is complicated if we don't open our minds. Most of the people I know, don't even give it a second of their time. I decided to give it the time this video lasted.
So he is telling us how TRYING is good for nothing but to LET ourselves is the way to go. This sounds EASY to me in the sense that if I am allowing myself to do this as and my intention is not dubious, I will get there. Well yeah, I mean, I know the potential of my capacity.
I will see what is... ok music playing, I'm in the zone...
 I like that phrase a lot ''See what is'' not meaning leaving it to chance but not letting my ego dictate either.
I should, like the Beatles sang ''Let it be, oh let it be'' and then become liberated without no effort, no force. I won't be liberated but I will become.
Alan and I both agree life is a process.
One can be things. For ex. I am human, I am tall, etc., yet my SELF is the one thing that continues evolving, changing, transforming, until the day I get my last breath on earth. So liberation, like wisdom is a process.

Still, I will try this weekend to start saying I will let myself instead of I will try. Let's see how it goes!