Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Love is worth the ride

Love. And so it happens. Inevitably, uncontrollably, free falling.

The array of emotions attached; the heart thumping, pupils dilated, goosebumps, the sky is the limit, drunk in love feeling, you name it. We'd do anything for those sensations to stay forever.
Once those are mixed with our time invested and devotion, we have compounded the formula of being in Love.
And yes, there exists lust and infatuation but those are not the feelings I am referring to at this time although they are strong and highly addictive if we are not too aware of its downsides.
Back to Love...even the most prudent among us, inevitably falls. And just as we fall, we eventually experience being heartbroken.It is all part of the package.

How many times does a heart get broken? How many times does love beat us and we even believe for a brief moment we will never be the same? One thing is sure, we do get back in our feet, stronger, wiser and what happens next? We do it all over again. The blindness of Love. Whatever we decide to call it, describe it, it is our nature to feel it again again and again, we are bound to it.

Every second, either full of joy, tears or wonder, It's always been worth it. Let's just just try to remember from every lesson and hopefully we will grow wiser and a bit more aware on how to love. This is my wish to all: Love wiser.