Saturday, February 21, 2015

The house chore I am allergic to: Ironing

I want to tell you something. I am allergic to ironing. Yet, I don't mean to generalise but the French love their ironing and take it very seriously. Only in this country will you find in households, iron machines more expensive than a vacuum cleaner. The activity in France is serious. Even French painters have been inspired by this activity.
here and there...
And here too.Wow.

Back home my mother and father ironed my school blouses everyday back in the day and Niagara spray was one of those products that was never missing. Ironing is one of those chores some people run away from or actually do with pleasure while watching tv. Let's get this clear right now. I hate it.
I even pay a person at times to come home and do piles and piles of ironing.

Do not for one second underestimate the devotion some people have given to ironing. It may even be compared to a high level sport full of precision, lots of training and the pursue of perfection.
My other half is obsessed with his iron machine. He doesn't let me use it if am not supervised, he's told my mom to be careful and that did not go so well. But why is he so sentimental about it? He says that sleeping in a bed with ironed sheets is just as important as it being clean. He is right. Ok.
I don't complain. I know for a fact that his mother is the same. I remember sleeping over at her house at finding my laundry, clean on the bed, and finding that even my underwear was ironed. Talk about going the extra mile and personally a tad too far. Calvin would have loved her!
I also remember back at our home, when the lady who irons from time to time for us, was instructed on the specific way of using the machine. Personally I found it hilarious. Still, I am quite lucky I share my life with a guy who likes to iron or agrees to hire someone to do it since I will not touch the iron machine from miles away.