Sunday, March 15, 2015

Paris, the gem of fashion

I don't remember the last time I modeled for a designer. Those days are gone and it's alright.
I enjoy so much living in Paris and one of the reasons is being around during Fashion Week. People who attend the shows dress up for the part, they get creative and they show it! Paris immediately changes in mood. People flock into the capital and events soar everywhere. The looks in the street are Art in and out of the tents. Each corner of Paris bursts with beauty, eccentricity and originality.

I may not be that crazy about trends but I still enjoy watching what designers come up with something that touches me. I also know how much work goes behind every collection. Fashion week arrives and in just a few minutes, all that hard work is displayed, scrutinised and judged. GO!

For this season, there was one show I found particularly interesting and it is not because it's the most captivating nor the most feminine. I liked it because in its simplicity, I can see any woman in those pieces. I chose the CHLOE show.

Now just remember that Paris Fashion Week puts the bar high and people who attend raise up to the occasion. Here's is a link to guide you though the essentials to get you ready if you ever come here.
And for something more extravagant, here are some ideas from Town and Country magazine for 2015.

Packing for Paris Fashion Week

Guide during Paris Fashion week