Sunday, March 22, 2015

Travel planning with the Euro drop

If your currency is the US Dollar, this is definitely the moment to take advantage of visiting Europe. The Euro has dropped to its lowest since over ten years and currently stands almost in parity to the US Dollar. If you love traveling, the time is now to come and discover the Old Continent.
Make sure to plan ahead and make your own research. Nowadays there is so much information online it is overwhelming. Focus on your traveling tastes and style. The continent is so rich and diverse you are sure to find something that you'll love. I often organise trips for people at work and very often for my family or loved ones.  My first piece of advice before booking anything, is to consider creating an initial list of places you'd like to visit with the timeframe you are sure you'll have and that must include travel time. Then start making your research one country at a time.

When I know nothing of a country, I check our travel packages from travel companies to get a general idea of the ''must see places'' that are usually in a tourist's itinerary. I am also a fan of travel guide books like Frommers or The Routard. Once you are in Europe there are many airlines/train companies that connect pretty much throughout all Euro Zone countries. Still, the main focus should be on your time and budget. Don't forget to check the documentation needed and insurance. It's always good to be prepared for the unknown.

The biggest tip I give you is do it now and don't wait a second more. Start planning and go for it!

I leave you with several links that may be useful:

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