Sunday, May 31, 2015

Rockin Motivation

Looking back at this past week (challenging one), got me thinking about sharing some things here.
As we all know, keeping ourselves motivated and constantly challenged takes work and a hell of a mindset! With life, our careers and all in between it can sure get hard to keep all under control. Still, those of us that truly want to make things happen know that the most essential thing to do is to keep focused. I am no expert here, I have no diploma nor license in therapy nor counceling so you can just stop reading now. My advice comes from pure experience. Keeping up our motivation will take different levels of effort depending on what we want to achieve and the type of person we are. Finishing a 5K versus creating and running a successful business are an example of different degrees of effort to be taken. Still both of these goals will only be achieved if we set our minds to do them.

Have FUN! Have a lot of fun! But don't loose focus.
There are numerous techniques to help us get where we want to go.Techniques like: visualisation, mind mapping, vision boards, bucket lists, even small techniques can get us ignited like music, a movie or listening to someone else's conversation in which you identified yourself.

The number 1 tip I can give you is to do things with purpose. The number 2 tip Don't let FEAR stop you. Face it and move away from it. Fear is the biggest waste of time. We've got one life and everyday we live should be towards achieving what we have set ourselves to become. Personally, I know I want to make an impact by being the best version of me.
I believe that through the process of setting goals, we should try to get as close as possible to knowing why we want, how are we going to get there as well as for what purpose will we want to achieve this.

By then your inner voice should be saying: "WHY NOT?".

I share with you the following links I've found through my social media discoveries in order to shed you some light.

Keep on rockin and stay strong!

Other techniques that you might find good to review are here.

Curious about the neuroscience behind music and motivation?go here.
Those of you who like Ted talks will find this link very good.

Big hug to all of you and keep on Rockin!