Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Snapshots of a mediterranean cruise

¡Saludos! Well hello there. Vacation time is over. I am back from a week of cruising.
I spent a whole week on a huge ship. Eighteen floors and honestly it was too much for my taste. Sharing a huge gorgeous vessel with four thousand people or so was a mix between hanging out in a very busy cosmopolitan city, a vacation resort where kids were everywhere (even the casino at midnight) and a little cocoon on the sea whenever you'd get some alone time (mostly in my cabin balcony).

What is funny is that it seemed I kept running into the same people.
I saw every kind of person imaginable in this boat. Some of my favourite were the super well dressed old ladies, the obvious honeymooners, the old guy and trophy wife, the wheelchair guy with the '' running sucks t-shirt'', the Asian ladies who never tanned and only shopped for expensive jewellery, the cruise doctor that spoke no english, the cruise dancer with a killer body, the ''I'm only here to'' : eat, drink, relax type, the gambler, the gym enthusiast, and the I'm here to tan type. All these made my cruise just more fun.
For information: there is no way you will be able to cruise and discover a city at the same time. What you will experience while visiting is more like a sneak preview. Sort of what happens just before the movie starts. I leave you with some shots I took around several ports in the Mediterranean. 
Sardinia alley
Saint Peter's dome
Vatican City
Mustard tones in Sardinia
If you are considering cruising this year, consider the type of ship, its itinerary and clientele served. The cruise I took was full of Europeans and it was a challenge at times.

Here are some nerdy statistics:  
The top cruise destination in terms of ship deployments is: #1 Caribbean, accounting for 37.3% of all global itineraries followed by #2 Mediterranean (18.9%), #3 Northern Europe (11.1%), #4 Australia/New Zealand (5.9%), #5 Alaska (4.5%), #6 Asia (4.4%) and #7 South America 3.3%) and Brazilians are gaining momentum!

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