Tuesday, June 9, 2015


Collective collaboration or participation to financially support a project come to light = Crowdfunding.
Ever wondered if it's worth it or how to go at it?
Have you ever thought about giving it a shot? I have.

 Like many projects that see the light through this mechanism, some will work and some won't. I believe the concept is excellent. More than 5 billion dollars  have been raised to help those who ask online(data from Massolution). Anyone who's looking to get their project/ business funded, this is a great alternative.
 The exposure to local and international potential funders who will believe in the idea is unbeatable. Today you can even pitch to Venture Capitalists. Of course another set of rules apply.
Another great thing about crowdfunding is that not only do you get funding, you get exposure and marketing as well thrown in one package.

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Best practices for crowdfunding.

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I feel strongly that this market segment will only continue to grow in many ways. Regulatory and financial issues are being addressed by countries in order to find a balance. Still, there is no stopping it. People will continue to move towards this kind of mechanism in order to fulfill a dreams and those who want to take a risk and take a part of it as a lender will continue to do so.

The ones who will determine your future will be a  collective who wants to help because they believe.