Tuesday, July 21, 2015

August in Paris

August is that month where generally all throughout Europe, things get very slow. It's vacation time and the locals fleet off for about a whole month.

Vacation time for Europeans will include the typical activities when the weather is hot: going the beach, the mountains to hike, camping or off to another country and enjoy their time off. I don't vacation for that long in summer, at least I haven't gotten to that groove yet. I tend to take my long vacations in December so I can go home to the Caribbean. Still, with Paris being emptied out, I enjoy it as much as I can before the weather starts to chill. I am one of those people that enjoys Paris without the stress of the crowds of busy and tired people the rest of the year. The hot weather can get to me but still, the city offers a lot. On the downside, a lot of construction and renovation sites are everywhere. Well of course it could not be that perfect! 

August in Paris is not a month to be running away from. Parking is free and finding parking spots around town are not such a headache like the rest of the year. The terraces are half way full and the most popular restaurants will probably accept your reservation with less delay. Note: in August, many restaurants, cafés, shops and bars have also tend to close up and not open until the beginning of September. So, you have to make sure that if you are meeting friends for dinner or drinks you might have to check first. If not, there is always a park to have a picnic! I mean the weather if just splendid and the days are so long! 

Paris is so much fun with all that there is to do:  film festivals and with outdoor concerts and movie theaters, ice cream parlors to enjoy, the list goes on and on.

Outside Entertainment 
If you like being outside, you will have a blast once you beat the hot weather factor. You may enjoy, films,concerts and dancing all around Paris. If you enjoy classical music, go here to see the summer calendar.

Outdoor film festival
The outdoor movie festival at Parc de la Villette which started mid-July continues right through August and it’s another great way to enjoy the summer sunsets and fresh evenings. For just €2 per person, you can enjoy a film. Bring a blanket and a picnic, and enjoy a movie outdoors. If you wanna check it out go here.

Summer equals a refreshing treat like ice cream. In Paris I have discovered how a real vanilla cone tastes and the french melon ice cream is the ultimate discovery of how amazing a fruit can taste in a cone. I remember the time I took my mom for ice cream in Paris and she almost cried when she had this melon deliciousness. If you want a nice <glace> ice cream, go try Berthillon. There are also numerous places where you can enjoy your favourite flavor throughout Île-Saint-Louis. Then, go enjoy the beautiful views of the Seine and the monuments close by. Here is a table from Lefigaro.fr Their notes on the best ice cream in Paris. You will find the results of the taste test and their addresses.

The terraces of Paris is what makes the city so alive and vibrant. Time moves slowly in terraces and food tastes even better when you eat outside.The so called terrace-culture here is huge. I have found that lefooding.com is a great website to search for anything food including a good terrace. It lets you search by any criteria and I've got to say that the people behind this website are very knowledgeable and really know what's happening in Paris. Go here for more info.

By then the world famous Tour de France cycling race should be over and you can go ride a bike anytime of the day. I specially like doing this around ten at night where the air cools off and the sun starts to set.

A bus ride through Paris
I'm going to give a you a great tip you can use next time you are in town. There is a public transportation bus that I consider perfect for sightseeing. Riding the two euro bus is an ideal way to see the city. The metro is great, don't get me wrong but which one would you prefer? Being underground or being outside and sightseeing?
The 69 bus runs through the 7th Arrondissement, passing by Musee d'Orsay, then continuing through the 6th Arrondissement, continues its way through some beautiful monuments like Notre Dame, the Louvre Museum and more. Talk about a great and inexpensive sightseeing ride!

If you make your way to Paris in August, I hope these tips and info. gets you inspired. 

Have a lovely summer!