Friday, July 10, 2015

Exploring La Baule, France

Fourteen of July weekend at La Baule, France

I'm leaving to La Baule for the weekend. This  seaside destination located in the Atlantic coast of France, which also forms part of the Pays de la Loire. This 19th century town, is known for its seaside resorts, golf courses and promenades in beaches that extend over 8 kilometers. I'll be exploring this town for the first time. I am already wondering how much salt can I buy and actually need. I also wonder if it tastes different from the pink himalayan salts I've got home.
My plan is to go visit the salt marshes and wetlands of La Breire and Guerande and then hop on to the Medieval center of town and enjoy the day there. 
The salt in Guerande has been harvested way back since the 9th century. The salt is not treated nor refined and it's rich in magnesium. The <fleur de sel> or flower of salt and the coarse sea salt  are great for for cooking or having on the table. 

If you want to learn more about the salt of Guerande. 

 Thinking of visiting? Go here.

If I feel lucky, at night I may go try my chances at the Casinos. It seems there is so much to do! Enjoy the weekend!