Monday, August 17, 2015

Becoming a bit French

    Questions I get asked after people learn I'm living in Paris

  1. Do you like Paris?
  2. How are the French?
  3. Is it true wine is cheap over there?
  4. Is it as romantic as many say?
  5. Is it true that you have a lot of vacation time? 
  6. Do you speak fluently?
  7. Several years have passed since I moved and what's happened? I have become a bit French. I blame the wine!

I started to realize I was adopting French habits and tastes more and more when I caught myself doing them. This obviously happened slowly. During every vacation taken, I'd think about how things are done different back where I live.  Since traveling is a great way to view the world in another spectrum, I've noticed how I was reacting to things like service, likes and dislikes in fashion, how I greeted people and even how much would I allow myself to interact with strangers.  How have I noticed I've turned a little Frenchy? Take a look at some examples. I guess there is no way of fighting it now. 

I think I may have started turning French
  1.  I very much expect that lunch should last at least an hour and a half. 
  2. After every meal a coffee is a must or else the meal was incomplete.
  3. Wearing too much jewelery or over accessorizing makes me feel I went over the top.
  4.  When I get invited to someone's home I bring something: usually wine or flowers.
  5. I kiss on both cheeks. When I go back home it takes me a few days to switch to 1 kiss.
  6. I tend to spend more on a nice bag (usually a French label) rather than a watch. Before moving here, it was the opposite.
  7. My French beauty products drawer hasover 50 products, not counting makeup. 
  8. At a restaurant I expect the waiter to greet me when he takes my order and then leave me alone until I am ready to leave. 
  9. I still smile to strangers but much less than before.  I hate wrinkles. 
  10. I iron my bedsheets and table clothes.
  11.  When I've received a service anywhere: the post office, the bakery, the supermarket, I have learned that saying thanks is not enough. I have to say these 3 phrases or else I'm considered rude. It goes like this: Thank you, have a good day, good buy.
  12. I don't go to the gym 4-5 times a week like before. Now I go to ballet class, swimming and ride a bike. I just mix it up!
  13. I picnic all the time. Enough said, it's awesome!
  14. Breakfast must have fresh croissants from the bakery or else my Saturday is ruined.
  15. A good vacation is minimum taking two and a half weeks.

These are just a few of the examples that I've come to the other SIDE... c'est la vie!