Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Puerto Rico is no lost paradise

I am loving this social media campaign to promote the enchantment of my island. Puerto Rico. The campaign is called #crisisisland
I wanna give 2 Thumbs up to this great social media campaign which goal is to promote this beautiful caribbean paradise. Puerto Rico may be headlined as ''many things negative'' lately but while the media has focused on informing the bad, we can't give up and say all is lost. The current economic hurdles we are facing are a true issue which many want to see improve. The fight continues. Still my post is not about that issue but about reminding those who care to read that Puerto Rico is no paradise lost as Huffington Post recently published. 
Puertoricans have got to rejoice on what's good and we've got plenty! The warmhearted people, our wonderful food, the sights, our multicultural heritage, our talent in the arts and our hearts. The truth is that where you find 1 thing bad, 2 things prove you how great it is over there.

As the French say "Chapeau!".Congrats to my friends who to put this campaign together and every single person who have posted images! Can't wait to go home on December and post some myself. If you've got Instagram go and would like to check out all those beautiful pictures of Puerto Rico. Just go right here #crisisisland