Friday, November 27, 2015

Christmas Season in Paris

It may be still November but once Thanksgiving has passed, I consider it alright to start thinking about the Christmas Holidays.
In the city of lights, the weather is getting colder, the Christmas markets are on their way to welcome shoppers and the streets are lighted up and twinkling at night. There is so much going on in our minds. With the unfortunate events this past 2 weeks, the people still recuperating physically and mentally from the attacks and the Cop 21 Climate Conference starting soon, it is hard to focus on this holiday season. This Christmas in France may not be the jolliest but we are alive and we must give thanks.

Whenever we find time, we'll have gifts to buy, we'll have Xmas parties to go to and time is going by so quickly I wonder how all will get done.
If I can help you get in the mood, I've linked this cute video which I hope makes you smile and think of hot chocolate, shopping for presents and visit the markets in town.

If you do visit Paris, here' s a link to know all that's happening for the season.

I am glad the Spirit of Noël is here already and for all of us who live in Paris, I invite you to go out, see the lights, visit the Xmas markets and enjoy the season.

Happy Holidays!