Friday, December 11, 2015

Tips for traveling on a long haul flight

There is no better time to disconnect than on a long haul flight. No phone calls, no emails, just time for me before I arrive to a new destination. Preparing for a flight is also worth the time. I share with you some tips for making your next long journey on the skies a better one. 

    • Day or night flight you'll want to be comfortable and presentable. Beware of mismatching tracksuits or fancy clothes.  My go to choices are black yoga pants, a long sleeve cotton or jean shirt , a neutral color hoodie with I can wear over my head for napping and letting others know I am not to be disturbed and last but not least comfy socks.  Cotton or wool are good choices. An extra change of underwear is a good idea.
    • A big scarf always turns out to be excellent  for looking put together and serves like a blanket during the flight.
    • Select comfortable shoes to make passing security easier and be comfortable on the plane.
    • Pack some yummy snacks. Salty foods are a great. Stay away from smelly choices like a tuna sandwich. A homemade ham and cheese sandwich does the charm. Crispy pretzels or wheat crackers, cheeses like those red babibels are awesome, cucumber is very hydrating and sweet baby carrots are healthy and not smelly. Your neighbor will thank you!
    • Water. Hydrating is super important specially if you will have a cocktail or two. Bring an empty bottle of water and fill it on the place. I got this tip from somewhere in Internet and it has saved me specially if I have a window seat.
    • Shut out the noise with ear plugs and headphones.
    • Shut out light with an eye mask. Many carriers don't offer sleeping masks anymore but I bring my own.
    • Keep the makeup to a strict minimum. Your skin is under stress inside the plane and your pores will want to be left alone. Moisturize your skin and that's all you need. A little bit of color lip balm is perfect and eye makeup is the devil unless you like looking like a raccoon after a nap.
    • Bring sunglasses for a day flight.  I have learned that keeping my sunglasses on when I stare out, keeps my eyes safe from rays.
    • Keep yourself looking lovely and freshened up with a toiletry bag full of handy items. Throw it in your handbag for easy access. I stock mine with travel size items like a moisturizer, lip balm (my favorite is from Melvita), hairband, deodorant, dental hygiene musts and hand wipes.
    • Carry a spray mist like rosewater or lavender.  My personal favorite is the Clarins eau dynamisante. I bathe myself in it at the airport duty free shops.
Self care 
    • Do not rinse your mouth with faucet water. Use bottled water to brush your teeth. Tests have shown that plane water is not at all safe. Use your hand sanitizer after rinsing with that water. 
    • Pack some medication for headaches, stomach cramps or medication if you get anxious while flying. Spending the flight while feeling like crap is worst than being surrounded by crying babies.
    • Bring a pen for filling out immigration documents and doodling.
    • Download movies and music onto your phone or tablet . Pack a spare charger. You'll need it .
    • Download some new games on your mobile. You've got 8 hours + to relax . No one will judge.
    • Time to catch up that reading. Bring the Kindle or get some magazines at the duty free. I prefer to select different ones like a fun fashion one and another that makes me feel smarter  like Science Daily or the Economist. I'm a fan of airlines magazine as well. I love dreaming about going to different location when I am already the way to one. Similar to when you talk about food while you are eating!
So here's a recap :
Long flight Packing List
  • Comfy clothes and underwear (cotton is your best friend)
  • A hoodie or wrap around jacket
  • Big scarf 
  • Eye mask, headphone and earplugs
  • Empty Water bottle to refill on the plane
  • Sunglasses
  • Yummy Snacks
  • Your own entertainment selection
  • Pen
  • Toiletry bag: toothbrush,toothpaste, face and hand wipes,body spritz,deodorant, balm and moisturizer 
  • Medication
I wish you happy travels and happy holidays!