Sunday, February 7, 2016

School in your thirties

This is my first entry for 2016 and surely not the one I had in mind for sharing. I have not been able to blog about Puerto Rico as I want to. I will have some recommendations for you soon! I have been busier than expected. I came back to taking care of my little dog being sick for a whole month, work, a lot of school work and the busy city life of Paris.
My ''I got it !'' thumbs up.
I'm confident I'm keeping up with everything without getting overwelmed, yet my blog has been neglected. The studying has taken more time and effort this month than last semester. I am such a different student than back in college. I give 100% this time and I feel very rewarded for this opportunity. I also got the chance to get 96% of my studies paid for. Vive la France and Vive me for making it happen. The study routine though is challenging. I may think I got it under control but my other half would probably laugh and differ.
For any of you out there who are also studying hard, I've got some STUDY tips to share:
  • Prepare a study area in your home. A place where to get things done in peace and quiet. (your dog will like to be there next to you) 
  • Make a planning to get things done before deadlines 
  • Don't be scared to contact your teachers to ask questions 
  • Ask friends to revise your work (specially if it is not in your mother tongue) 
  • Practice before presenting in front of people 
  • Too much caffeine is not your friend 
  • Never sacrifice sleep to overworking 
  • Do not procrastinate! Delete that word from your brain 
  • Word associations are handy 
  • Know when to stop and take breaks 

Have a lovely week!