Wednesday, May 11, 2016

See you soon Florence! - Events and travel tips

Two more weeks to go and I will be in Florence!
It's been a while since I visited. So many things to see in this lovely city where art and history mix. The Arno river flowing through the city, the numerous monuments to see, the energy buzzing everywhere and the way the sun makes the town glow with golden colors on a sunny day or hazy pastels at an overcast day. And did I mention the food? APERITIF anyone? here are some ideas for that.

Florence is here:

Last time I was there it was 5 years ago. Excuse the random extra hand in the picture.

What's happening during the time I will be there?
I'm pretty happy about the Firenze Gelato Festival from May 25-27. A dream for me when I visit Italy during warm weather! The festival stands will be located in Piazza Strozzi,  Piazza Santa Maria Novella & Piazza della Repubblica.

Another fun event will be Cantine Aperte (english: Open Cellars) An important wine tourism event in Italy. Since 1993, wineries open their doors on the last Sunday in May. This is a chance to taste wines and buy from the source! Its a fun opportunity for cultural, food and artistic activities to be experienced.

This second time around will be just awesome. Perhaps this time I will go inside the Ufizi Museum and even go see the real statue of Michelangelo at the Accademia Gallery.

TIP: To cut the long line of museums, book your tickets in advance here.

This time I will be taking pictures of the lovely fountains in every corner.I will also be checking these 3 sites known for the view:
  • Torre di Arnolfo of palazzo Vecchio
  • La chiesa San Miniato
  • Piazzale Michelangelo 
TIP : If I want to get away from crowds, I may head to Fiesole in a bus. The view over there is legendary. The bus line to Fiesole starts at Via La Pira (on the side very close to Piazza San Marco) in Florence.

 It's FLORENCE, what do you expect! It is simply a captivating place to visit.

For more ideas you can go to this LINK.