Thursday, June 9, 2016

Flooded Paris after landing from Italy

. So Paris has experienced flooding in areas were the river flows. This hasn't ocurred seen since over 100 years ago. El Niño may give us surprises and we might see this occur sometime again. I wanna think this was a once in a lifetime event but who knows!

Around my neighborhood, I have the Seine river and I confirm, the water rose a few meters high.
The boardwalk was submerged and the parks were closed.  Temporary barriers were used  to keep the river from affecting some areas. Frankly, the city is not prepared.

All the crap that was in the river was being carried away by the current. It was pretty surprising to see in this city. Back home I've seen the river get crazy several times and obviously people should never get close of the current. Here in Paris people see it as a spectacle. There was nothing amusing about it though.

Who says it won't happen again? What if it occurs soon? This is a new social and economic challenge the country is facing.
If you want to read more about it go here. (serious article)

Old images back form the flood of 1910: here you go.

Back to travel news!
Returning with bad weather was not easy. My 1hr 30 minute return turned to a 24 hour ordeal. It was enhausting.
Still, spending time and discovering more and more of what the city and the country has to offer never disappoints.

Travel Tip:
One little piece of advice if you visit Florence: rent a scooter and spend a day or two around the countryside. After a museum or two is good to go enjoy fresh air.

Now it's back to business! I'm finishing school so I won't be posting as much for some weeks.
Bisous !