Friday, October 7, 2016

I finished school!

This week I presented the memoir for my diploma. Not just any, but a diploma from a Business School in France. After one year of studying and so much work, I am done. All those weeks of preparation for the final presentation are behind me! I've made it.
Why school ?
I've been working in France since year one. On year 7 I decided I was going to get another diploma, this time a European one.Going to French Business School is another element. It would have not been possible during my first few years here. The good level of french is essential in order to take advantage of going through this process.My objective was to surprise myself that I could do it and succeed.
I prepared a year ahead in order to ask permissions from work, prepare scholarship documents and I was lucky I got over 95% of my studies paid for thanks to all the effort I put in. I used the FONGECIF and I am one of those that got accepted.
The Experience
School started and I met 12 great classmates. All from different backgrounds and various sectors of business. During the year we got to work together and share some very enriching moments behind all the work we put in for each project and case study. Colleagues became friends and classes became valuable experiences which allowed us to get inspired. Worthwhile moments in and out of class.
Inside class, I met several interesting teachers and learned a few things I am already using at work. And the vocabulary and terms ! I've got so much new stuff in this head of mine. Yep, I'm frenching it a bit more now!

With this chapter almost closed, I wish my colleagues all the success in their futures.

What other goals will be coming my way soon?

I leave you with this inspirational video. 

Happy Weekend everyone!