November is here and I get to celebrate one more year of living in claps here and my birthday!Claps here!!!! Birthdays are the best. I love celebrating it and so?
Aging is part of life and I've got zero problems with that. I look at the mirror and like what I see, I know I'm taking care of myself and do my best to be the girliest version of myself. That's how I like it.

With every year passing I work more on being the best version of myself and spend my time wisely with those who count. And yes, one more year, so any physical changes are just part of the transformation. 30,40,50,100 all awesome.

One more year full of achievements and new goals to reach. One more year to be able to look back once in a while and realize that I've come a long way yet still feel the urge to do much more. It's exciting to see what happens this new year around. I will certainly make a special wish this year!

Happy Brithday to you all Scorpios and Sagitarius! 


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