Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Why food tastes different while flying

When we fly, we must refuel. Hydrating and eating are important, specially on long haul flights. That little pleasure makes the trip a bit more fun. May it be a warm panini or a bag of chips with a glass of wine all goes.

I've had my share of bad airplane food but when they surprise you with something, it is quite a highlight for me. I still remember that flight to Singapore and they served the best sandwich I've had so far while flying.
Food is an experience for all our senses specially a treat for our tastebuds when we are 35,000 feet on the air. Anything we take a bite into will take a little bit more of effort in onrder to taste it and smell it. The spicy, the salty, the sweet and the bitter take a different role.This is in fact because our senses are affected by the altitude and the cabin pressure on the air.
Foods are selected more strong, more intense because our tastes buds get affected while flying and need to be pushed a bit further in order to taste correctly.

 Mix altitude with a lack of humidity, and your senses are all a bit messed up!

Now I know why my Baily's on the rocks didn't taste like the usual!

As a result of the altitude and the dry air, our taste buds start reacting in almost the same way they do when we may be getting a cold. While we can still sense sour, bitter and spicy, Hurray for strong bloody mary's! Our ability to detect sweet and salty flavors descends by almost 30 percent !
Who knew why those crispy little pretzels were so good when I eat them on the plane! So salty!
So even if you are not a fan of very salty chips and you crave them on the plane, now you know why.

Safe travels and cheers!