Sunday, July 23, 2017

Curious about the Philippines

After watching an awesome Battle Trip show episode from the Korean channel KBS, I'm considering visiting the Philippines as a 2018 destination.

The Philippines has a tropical climate with a wet season (southwest monsoon) from May - October and a dry season from November till April. The best time to visit the Philippines :during the dry season, although it doesn’t always rain.

On the show they focused on a visit to Palawan Island.
 The one island they showed in the show was Palawan. I must go there. It's the Philippines’ largely unexplored province of wonderful scenery and  tropical beauty. Beyond the centres of Coron, El Nido and Puerto Princesa, it is still not too touristy, and it's full of coves, lagoons, lakes, beaches and breathtaking limestone cliffs that rise from the water. Pictures don't even do justice to their beauty.

Another awesome place in Palawan, the underground river. It flows directly underneath the St Paul Mountain Range,  on the mid-western coast of Palawan. There's a series of chambers and caverns that go back over millions of years ago. How beautiful does that sound?

I found this link :
It has a lot of information to get acquainted with, introduce you to the magic of this country of numerous islands.

I'm SOLD. 2018? Perhaps so.