Sunday, October 26, 2014

Friendship. My first post

The bond which exists in a friendship, is destined to shape our lives. This choice of connecting with someone, neither time or distance diminishes its power. What is it that attracts people to become friends? Is one factor enough? An interest, our backgrounds, our values? I feel equality is key. From this I get to experience support and satisfaction. ''I'll be there for you'' will come naturally as long as I know this person reciprocates. Once you're my friend, once you are in, you're in for good.
Enough of analysis. Now here's my situation.
Living in Paris has meant leaving many friends behind, either back in my island or back in other cities I've lived in. Making new friends has taken a bit longer here in France. I've made solid friendships in every city, yet he friends I made back home, are a proof of how solid and beautiful it is to keep a bond no matter the time and distance. So, when I know someone special to my heart is coming over, I get excited. Close to a Christmas season kinda feeling.
Yesterday I woke up realising  that I have a friend who’s visiting me very soon. I yet have to plan the activities we’ll be doing together and obviously turn these activities around her likes and interests. The beauty of living in France is that I have many options to choose from for the likes of any type of person.

Since it is autumn in Paris and there is surprisingly good weather at the moment, I want to be outside and show her the gardens, the parks, and perhaps hop on a bicycle and go for a tour around some landmarks. I just need to remind her to leave the high heels in her suitcase that day.

This is a picture of the cave in the Pommery domain I visited last time. Impressive to go down. Totally worth the million stairs to climb back at 11 am. Champagne Please!

 So right now my trip looks like a zig zag of an adventure. I still have a few days to figure the plan out. The scenario will certainly have bubbles and great conversation somewhere in the French countryside or... Alright, it doesn't matter where. We will still have fun. For my friends, only the best.